About Dutch Medical Device


Dutch Medical Devices [DMD] is a medtech company focused on point of care diagnostic devices. The company’s mission is to bring innovative Point of-Care diagnostic devices for biomarker measurement to market, making diagnosis and therapy faster, easier, more accessible, and more cost effective.

DMD has a Quality Management System according to ISO 13485:2016.

Point of Care Solutions

DMD’s mid-term ambition is to become an established player in the Point-of-Care diagnostic devices on the international medical devices market.
The automated platelet counter PC100 is patented technology.


DMD is working on expansion to other blood related biomarkers like diagnosis of (tropical) diseases, white blood cell defects, viruses, personalized medication, osteoporosis and other blood related diseases using state of the art optical sensing and signal processing techniques.

DMD´s development team is also experienced in advanced centrifuge techniques and automating labor intensive manual sample preparation techniques.


Maastricht UMC+

Clinical Thrombosis & Hemostasis Department, Netherlands


School for Cardiovascular Diseases, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Thrombosis Foundation Maastricht

Maxima Medical Centre Veldhoven

Catharina Hospital Eindhoven

2M Engineering

An SME active in the area of innovative sensor product development of medical devices, industrial sensors and wearables for e-health & sports.  Valkenswaard, Netherlands.