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Automated cell counter for platelets

PC100 an automated cell counter

PC100 is a portable, point-of-care (POC), automated cell counter for platelets —in PRP or whole blood— that uses a disposable counting chamber and optical technologies to detect platelets.

It is the first automated cell counter that is also validated with PRP samples. Hence it provides healthcare professionals with the ability to quickly and accurately determine the platelet concentration before a PRP treatment. It does so by allowing clinicians to measure high and normal concentrations of platelets.

PC100 automated cell counter for platelets

What are its advantages?

PC100, as a point-of-care automated cell counter for platelets, has several advantages over traditional cell counting methods:

  • Accurate, validated with whole blood and PRP samples
  • Easy to use and does not require specific expertise like a conventional flow cytometer would
  • Portable, it can be used in a variety of settings, for example, sports medicine clinics and dermatology offices
  • Cost effective disposable slides
  • Does not require any cleaning, making it easier to use for care providers than most other solutions

Platelet Count from a drop of blood PC100™ PLATELET COUNTER

The PC100 Platelet Counter is a highly portable point-of-care device that accurately counts cells (platelets / thrombocytes) typically within 8 – 15 minutes.

The automatic cell counter for thrombocytes or platelets is able to accurately count platelet concentrations in whole blood and in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

The platelet counter is a device which removes the need to count thrombocytes manually and is a cost effective, small and a flexible alternative to flowcytometers for platelet counts. All parts that come into contact with blood are disposable – no contamination, no cleaning time.

PC100 Thrombocyte / Platelet Counter
PC100 Platelet Counter

Platelet count results within 15 minutes.


Highly accurate and reproducible from 20μl of blood or 10μl of PRP. Medically validated by Maastricht University Hospital.


The device uses disposable counting slides making it is fast, clean and accurate.


It counts platelets in whole blood within the range [20-600] platelets per nl and [250-3600] in PRP.