Bridging Biosciences

Bridging Biosciences

Bridging Biosciences uses the PC-100 Platelet counter, named Vasco in their proposition, in the first patented method for platelet rich plasma quality control and standardisation. The combine the platelet counter with their Harbour software. The Transcend™ PRP Protocol is designed to help a physician in three ways:

  • PRP quality control and standardisation
  • Patient customized
  • Consistent PRP target concentrations


Standardised Cell Therapy

The Transcend™ PRP Protocol is implemented utilising the Harbour Cell Software™ & the Vasco PC100* platelet counter through these steps:

  1. Test baseline platelet count via finger stick (capillary sampling)
  2. Calculate the exact aspiration needed for centrifugation to achieve target dose.
  3. Test PRP post-centrifugation to confirm target dose is achieved.
  4. Calculate PPP dilution adjustments.
  5. Administer treatment.

Vasco PC-100 Point-of-Care Platelet Counter

Vasco PC100 uses optical based technology to achieve platelet counts. Samples are prepared and placed on counting slides. Hundreds of high magnification and resolution images are taken along multiple axes that bisect the counting slides.  Individual platelets are identified and counted to derive the final platelet count.

Vasco-PC100-Platelet-CounterHarbour® Cell Software

Harbour® Cell Software is an algorithmic work-flow designed to calculate the patient’s exact aspiration volume for centrifugation to produce a PTCTM (Proven Therapeutic Concentration, MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) or desired target concentration.