Platelet counting applications

Platelet counting in venuous blood and PRP

The PC100 Platelet Counter is intended to count the number of platelets per nanolitre in venous whole blood (in EDTA) and PRP. The count is relevant for patients with bleeding disorders, blood disorders, bone marrow disorders and those undergoing chemotherapy.  The platelet count of PRP is relevant for regenerative applications.

Fast & easy medical grade platelet counting

Monitoring the number of platelets per nanolitre is relevant for these medical purposes. The user is a medical professional or working under the responsibility of a trained medical professional. The device is intended for a medical clinic or a doctor’s office, it is not intended for use in a home environment.

Platelet counting at point of care

The platelet counter is positioned in line with major key trends on the medical (devices) market: a shift from second line care to first line care closer to the patient. By having count results instantly it has the potential to enable innovations in personalised medicine, reduce health care costs and the ability to measure in (remote) locations without well established medical infrastructure.

Platelet counting application examples

The platelet counter can offer quick insight in the exact platelet/thrombocyte concentration per nanolitre of whole blood or PRP.

Accurate platelet concentration is relevant in various regenerative applications.

Maxillop-facial surgery

Jaw reconstructions – sinus lifting – tooth extractions – periodontology

Orthopedic surgery

Knee replacements – hip replacements – shoulder replacements – bone reconstruction – spinal fusion – achilles rupture

Plastic surgery

Facelift – abdominoplasty

Wound care

Tissue healing

Sports medicine


Cardiac surgery

Sternum closure – (leg) wound closure


Reconstructive surgeries

General surgery

Hernioplasty – vascular

Eye surgery

Macula degeneration