Veterinary Platelet Counter

The PC080 Veterinary Platelet Counter is optimized for counting platelet concentrations in equine blood. Knowing the platelet count of equine blood is important during platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment of injured tendons. This PRP treatment helps to speed up the repair process of the injured tendons.  Published research results show that for an effective treatment the PRP concentration must be within a certain range. With the PC080 Veterinary Platelet Counter the platelet concentration can be counted with ease. The device is accurate, easy to use and portable, so that it can be conveniently taken to another location.

PRP Treatment

The repair process of tendon injuries, which are also common in equine athletes, is slow and the quality of the repair tissue is often inferior to the original tendon tissue, which frequently leads to re-injury. The relatively poor vascularization of tendons is considered to be one of the reasons for their limited healing potential. Recently, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), an autologous concentrate of platelets, rich in growth factors, has been shown to enhance the repair process of injured tendons. This effect has been ascribed to the high levels of growth factors in PRP, several of which are known to be involved in tendon repair.

Other animals

Fundamentally it is possible to also count platelets in other animals, however currently no validation has been performed for other animals like dogs or cats. Contact DMD to explore the possibilities.